On Dorset IV (of XIII)

Weymouth remembers

Men and boys called from afar

Pawns of the Empire


n.b. From Suvla Bay, beneath the heights of Gallipoli, (Çanakkale “Beautiful City”) to the shelter of Weymouth Bay and the green of Dorset, where hospital treatment was provided after the slaughter in Turkey.

Even today to mention Gallipoli to an Australian friend invokes near tearful anger at the deceitful lies of the British; lies perpetuated to recruit Australians to the Empire’s cause in the war between the countries of Europe.

And still Australia has a Governor who represents the English monarch, Australia’s head of state.

n.n.b. The English royal family was re-branded as Mountbatten-Windsor from Sax-Coburg-Gotha in 1917 to avoid being noticed as cousins of the German, Kaiser Bill – and still the English sing ‘God Save the (monarch)’ as if a) there is a god and b) a need for royalty.


CLP 15/07/2019



Everywhere you’ve been

Everything you’ve done

I have been there with you

I have seen it all

Despite my blind spot

No doubt stemming

From my nervous disposition

That allows me to see

But not believe, nor deny

All that I have seen


It’s not for me to judge

Where you’ve been

What you’ve done

My transparency

Inability to intervene

Makes me silent witness

To the images

Flashing on my retina

Although I react quickly

To the dark and light

A pupil that never learns

I remain insensitive

To everywhere you have been

And all that you’ve done.


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2019 Day 17 prompt: Seeing from an unusual, unexpected point of view.

A useful reference point for this poem was www.moorfields.nhs.uk

CLP 20/04/2019

LEC Fridge in a Ditch


Reflecting chilled winter sky

Thrown amongst fresh nettles

Down with creeping ivy

In a cool ditch

With iced rainwater

Here’s someone’s LEC fridge-freezer



Until reported and collected

By two men on a special trip out in a van

After e-mails, phone calls, fuel, wages, engine emissions

CFCs drip out from the disposed equipment


Hey! The horse has bolted

Just leave the stable door open

As you left it

The hinges are probably fucked anyway

From neglect.


I expect that whoever did this

Got a brand new unit for Christmas

For the UK’s Gross Domestic Product that’s a plus

In the Land where Time went Backwards

The price of everything is counted

And nothing of worth is valued.


n.b. Another perfect example of the knock-on effects of Austerity government economic policy. Our most vulnerable people being harmed. Our environment damaged. Meanwhile those in Government focus on breaking ties with our closest and most valuable trading partners. The United Kingdom is a failing nation.


CLP  24/12/2018

Un serpent de mer

It is

Seen only

In ocean troughs

A sea thrown shape

That deceives minds’ eyes

Trained on legend and myth

In company with faith and hope.

Quayside talk launches Pequod again

To hunt a new great white whale

With truth a dying albatross

Flailing adrift in its wake

Whilst those ashore

Cannot disprove

Nor deny

It is


CLP 10/11/2018

n.b. The whaling ship Pequod was the vessel Captain Ahab sailed in when hunting the white whale in Moby Dick. The author, Herman Melville took the name of a Native American tribe for his fictional ship. The Pequod people were wiped out when European viruses and firearms arrived in their homelands. So sad to read daily that firearms continue to spread devastation across the New World. Where is the love?