On Dorset VIII (of XIII)

Nothing is fake here

All genuine cover bands

Just not The Real Thing


(Dedicated to Seán & Steve)

n.b. “Dorset, Home of the Jurrasic Coast” indeed, but I can’t think of one rock band to have been produced in the county, although Greg Lake, a founder member of King Crimson and then “Super Group”, Emerson, Lake & Palmer was born in Poole. ELP were hugely popular…and then along came punk rock and ELP were consigned to the Dinosaurs of Rock genre.

n.n.b. Please excuse my reference to The Real Thing. This soul band are from Liverpool and continue touring as of July 2019. Great fun (for those not too deeply embedded in specific musical genres).

n.n.n.b. The pictured posters were plastered across billboards at Weymouth Pavilion.

CLP 18/07/2019