On a black wall, that sucks out all light,

the songs of birds are smothered.

There is no sense of scents of Spring!

A simple mark we scratch:

This brightens the tone.


This red wall its pulse persistent,

the fist-sized muscle throbs,

two light bags swell with fresh air – – –

These are what move me, this and a sense of joy

of rising each day under sun and soft rain.


A grey wall now, splashed and muddy.

Is this Nature’s path out of the mind’s mire?

Stepping through brooks, wind at my back.

This abundance of trees, birds whirling,

There is only calm.


There is this white wall, upon which sunlight pours warm – – –

Undying, wincing strong, all embracing.

The wings of Angels, rays from stars kiss it also.

This is where I swim.

Immersed in mornings, the Moon’s smile also visible.


CLP 29/04/2018

http://www.napowrimo.net Day 29 prompt: Answer back to Sylvia Plath. Her pain in Apprehensions is almost unbearable.



Rock Pools


Down by the seaside in the fresh breeze

everybody breaks from routine cares

conversation easier, sun lightens mood

just a bit of flirting, nothing untoward.


Oh! I wish you were here to

Spare me this drivel, the superficial air

I don’t want candy and all the floss

Pappy pop music and cattle hall dance

Leave behind your make-up and long false lashes

Bin the fake tan and pink painted nails

Don’t shave your legs, leave the high heels

Bring a bucket and spade, fish nets for crabbing

Don’t bother with that bright blue bikini

When we go swimming, we’ll go in our skin.


CLP  28/04/2018

http://www.napowrimo.net Day 28 prompt: Wish you were here…postcard message.



The Earth spins East

Old World turns West

Cristóbal Cólon all at sea

The Caribs asleep to Fate.


Picture cards dealt

On baize tables in Milan

Fall foul of Christian virtue

Triumphant Angel outbids the World

Four kings cannot prevent

Adventure turning so sour

When courted Spain seeks new ways

to India.


They saw three ships go sailing in

Weevils freed from biscuits and barrels

Spanish flags and guns

Sick sailors skins burnt deep by highest Sun

Untethered Christian Love in dripping lust

Loose the common virus

of cold European lands

on Innocence

Through coughs from influenza filled lungs.


CLP  27/04/2018

http://www.napwrimo.net Day 27 prompt: Take the idea of a tarot card to plot a poetic route to a New World.

Influenza, measles and slavery, Europe’s gifts to the Caribbean.

Trionfi, the earliest Tarot cards has rules recorded by an Italian poet from the 15th Century…as Bob Dylan nearly sang in Tangled Up In Blue.

Marvel Lane


Deep at the end of the dark season’s last chill draughts

rain water bleeds silently from beneath a hedge

forms wet wounds that stain tarmac

runs through stark shadow and flooding brightness

these flattened trickles, remains of wintery excess

flow below florid primrose banks

brought sharp as lemon backlit by dawn

as faint heat heals scarred soil

drawing green from below to fill, spread and spill blues, pinks, purples, yellows

amongst nettles too young to sting

not needing dock to soothe inflamed bared shins

surrounded by song, then call and cry

of nesting birds who despair the jay

who with cruel mocking laugh escapes with unborn prey

dropping trails of yokes and broken shell

through air scented by wild garlic,

the Devil’s Posy, so strong on tongue.



CLP  26/04/2018

http://www.napowrimo.net Day 26 prompt: a poem that touches the five senses.













I’m gone.
Too late.

I am going to bring the house down
Say something
Just anything
It will take nothing now
To bring it all down
Around us

Like Samson
I have nothing
Nothing left to lose

You think this
Came from nowhere
Crazy guy, crazy, insane, mad!

No warning signs?

Say something
Just anything
It will take nothing now
To bring me back round
For me to stay

But you say

Not a word.


CLP 25/04/2018

http://www.napowrimo.net Day 25: The prompt is warning signs.

Return Ticket


Passengers long gone to the motorway
Or the airport
Freight on trucks
Cattle in lorries
Soldiers, refugees
Departed from this destination

Rusting rails
Rotting wooden sleepers
Crumbling tracks
Fishplates fragment
Over time

Soil blown or carried by running rain
Piles up and steadily fills
The gaps

An anthill attracts a passing hoopoe
As holiday and festive seasons pass
Uninterrupted by holidaymakers

First shoots grow in confidence
Where toilets once flushed
(Not in The Station) in fertilised soil
Buddleja pull butterflies where
Trucks were shunted

Birch breaks through the branch line
Boughs leaf in Spring
The turning world imprints a more fluid timetable
On these sidings

CLP  24/04/2018

http://www.napowrimo.net Day 24 An elegy with hope.


Don’t Ask Me

77DD29B2-55BE-4FA7-8576-3A89373B7945.jpeg“We were just wondering,”

the younger one began

“are you here on business?”

as if it was any of her fucking business.

Still we three fell to conversation and it lasted longer than perhaps it should have done

It ate up the afternoon

became a bit of a tussle

the younger outspoken, sat back as spectator

as She and I exercised

Our verbal muscles

back and forth, courting disaster

verbal tennis, without any volleys

good eye contact and listening pauses

covering society’s problems and all of the causes and offered each other

possible solutions


despite a degree of disagreement

a point occasionally dropped without giving ground

or conceding the game


“I’ll check my agenda.”

“Tomorrow at One?”


I left


paying my bill.


CLP  23/04/2018

http://www.napowrimo.net Day 23 prompt: incorporate some sounds, such as overheard words in the body of the poem..