On Dorset VI (of XIII)

Small fry are the prey

Little ponds trawled by big fish

We’re prawns in their game

n.b. Fishing is as much part of Dorset as agriculture. It is a most complex industry based on the premise that the seas are for man to perpetually harvest. The idea that no input is required, so just pull the fish in, is false. In fishery it is plain to see that unregulated competition is a bad thing. Un-restrained, the profit motive destroys life itself; consumes the very essence of the business itself; lays bare the contradictions in capitalism and free competition.

The little boats trying to scrape a living are pushed to the margins, whilst fish stocks still tumble and profits for the big boys rise. Issuing regulations on a global, European, or national basis does not mean controls are implemented, enforceable, or practical; there are too many holes for the selfish to slip through – shame the same does not apply to the fish themselves.

Revealed: the millionaires hoarding UK fishing rights

Privatising the seas: how the UK turned fishing rights into a commodity

CLP 17/07/2019