On Dorset IV (of XIII)

Weymouth remembers

Men and boys called from afar

Pawns of the Empire


n.b. From Suvla Bay, beneath the heights of Gallipoli, (Çanakkale “Beautiful City”) to the shelter of Weymouth Bay and the green of Dorset, where hospital treatment was provided after the slaughter in Turkey.

Even today to mention Gallipoli to an Australian friend invokes near tearful anger at the deceitful lies of the British; lies perpetuated to recruit Australians to the Empire’s cause in the war between the countries of Europe.

And still Australia has a Governor who represents the English monarch, Australia’s head of state.

n.n.b. The English royal family was re-branded as Mountbatten-Windsor from Sax-Coburg-Gotha in 1917 to avoid being noticed as cousins of the German, Kaiser Bill – and still the English sing ‘God Save the (monarch)’ as if a) there is a god and b) a need for royalty.


CLP 15/07/2019


Shangri La

Fictional land of peace and perpetual happiness
Bones, cuts, burns
Shattered ring of steel and splintered lives
Gated, armed guards rendered, armless
Brochure of fictional happiness shredded

City of dreaming spires that prick at clouds
Oxen driven through the swollen Isis
Knee-deep, matted coats drag over the chalk bed
Reeds cling to hooves as maudlin maidens’ hungry hands
Reaching out to imagined lovers’ loins

Names put down for gated schools
Grandfathers’ rights and legacies
Life traced from expectant birth
Privileged few offer life-limiting choices; too many
Raised voices echo back from the gilded ceilings

Sand grains turn to liquid become glass
Shards rip through silk and cotton
Tattered shirts form nooses
Ripped banknotes flutter heavenward
Multiplication, subtraction and ultimately division.

www.napowrimo.net Day 21 prompt: Surrealistic poem or Realism or actuality

CLP  21/04/2019

Montparnasse – 15e Novembre 2015

8ffe6dd6-5139-4703-821e-ffb0bf968c22.jpegIt was a moment between trains

I was heading for Poitiers and had to wait

As we all did after that Friday night when

Young men with guns and grenades

Maimed and murdered

Young men and women unarmed

Before more men with guns and grenades

Returned the favour


At the polished sleek station serving the south-west

I waited and watched as more young men with guns

Ready to shoot to kill patrolled

In open sight

Young men with guns

Sent to reassure us

As we waited for trains out of Paris

Away from young men with guns.


See also Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland, Santé Fe, Gaza.

CLP 18/05/2018



The Earth spins East

Old World turns West

Cristóbal Cólon all at sea

The Caribs asleep to Fate.


Picture cards dealt

On baize tables in Milan

Fall foul of Christian virtue

Triumphant Angel outbids the World

Four kings cannot prevent

Adventure turning so sour

When courted Spain seeks new ways

to India.


They saw three ships go sailing in

Weevils freed from biscuits and barrels

Spanish flags and guns

Sick sailors skins burnt deep by highest Sun

Untethered Christian Love in dripping lust

Loose the common virus

of cold European lands

on Innocence

Through coughs from influenza filled lungs.


CLP  27/04/2018

http://www.napwrimo.net Day 27 prompt: Take the idea of a tarot card to plot a poetic route to a New World.

Influenza, measles and slavery, Europe’s gifts to the Caribbean.

Trionfi, the earliest Tarot cards has rules recorded by an Italian poet from the 15th Century…as Bob Dylan nearly sang in Tangled Up In Blue.