NaPoWriMo 2018 is the source of a great writing challenge. Write a poem each day throughout April using the daily prompt for inspiration. Go to the link above to find out more.

Links to my responses to each prompt are listed here:

April 1: My First and Worst Lie

April 2: Echoes

April 3: Tonight Live at Institut de Beauté…

April 4: Hope

April 5: Giardino Maria Luisa Fagnocchi Rava

April 6: A Weeping Woman

April 7: Mano y Mano

April 8: As if by Magic

April 9: Jupiter & Venus

April 10: 3 o’clock, Saturday Afternoon

April 11: Malattia

April 12: Haibun 1 – The Port

April 13: Wear, My Heart on My Sleeve

April 14: Seagull?

April 15: Father Timed Out

April 16: Break Out

April 17: Bed Bugs

April 18: Velvet Glove Underground

April 19: Jardí de Vallparadís, enero 22

April 20: Avoid Clichés

April 21: Selfie

April 22: Cornered and Astrology

April 23: Don’t Ask Me

April 24: Return Ticket

April 25: Delilah

April 26: Marvel Lane

April 27: Trionfi

April 28: Rock Pools

April 29: Misapprehensions

April 30: Danseuses au repos


And that, as they say, is that! Thank you




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